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  • Visual identity

Grand Angle is an association of photographers located on Brest (29). When creating their logo I chose in agreement with the customer to make an eye looking towards the word "Big" as if looking in a camera. For the eye, I used the "G" of "Grand" to do the pupil, then I made a right angle to recall the name of the association.

The customer

Grand Angle is an association of amateur photographers located in Brest in France. The association offers photography classes as well as exhibitions.


Making a logo that will be the identity of the association. This logo will be used on all documents (prints and web).


I made this logo using Adobe Illustrator software. I made several proposals to the association. They retained a logo forming an eye looking into a lens. The “G” forming the pupil of the eye and a right angle reminiscent of the name of the association.

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