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In 2017, the project was born from an idea, making the internship search for students easier and faster . Romane Cariou and I therefore put our ideas on paper, we did our sketches, think about the operation of the site, ... Then, as a developer of the project, I coded the platform.

The platform allows companies to register, to get their own customizable page as well as the ability to post ads. Once the ad is published, students just have to click on the "It's for me" button to contact the company by message.

An observation

Today, many students must complete one or more internships during their studies. These internships often validate their years but many of them find it difficult to find a company to welcome them.

An idea

Romane Cariou and myself, at this time students at the University of Western Brittany, had the idea of creating a platform to allow students and businesses to meet in one place.


Our primary goal was to create THE platform for students to quickly and easily find their internships. We wanted to create an ergonomic interface to allow each person to find their way easily at the first visit.


During the creation of this platform, we list the features to integrate such as the sending of email or editing CV directly from the site. We thought about the first version of the site, but we also imagined the features to add to future versions.

We then imagined and created the design of the platform to give it its identity. We developed it and made the communication on social networks.


After drawing our wireframes on paper and white board, we created our models using Adobe XD software.
It is also at this moment that we have chosen the colors to use. Orange, yellow, and blue / green.


For the development of the platform I chose to use PHP and a SQL database for the back-end side. Not using PHP framework was a choice.

As for the front-end side, I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also used the Materialize framework and the jQuery.

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