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In 2014, the idea of creating a video game is in my head. I decided to create "Space Jump", a small green ball that must jump from platform to platform avoiding touching the spikes and avoiding "fall".

To play, simply use the "space" key on your keyboard.


The creation of a video game is an idea that has been trotting in my head for a long time. One day I decided to make this idea real and to create my video game from A to Z. I then wrote the story, think about a concept, made the sketches, the designs, … And finally I l have developed.

The story

Pulo is a small green ball that jumps from platform to platform without stopping. One day, while living peacefully on his planet, the king of the neighboring planet, asked him for help to help his daughter, the princess.


First, I write the story of the game, a ball that moves from platform to platform. Once written, I thought about the concept, pressing the “space” key to make the character jump. Then I made sketches on paper then I worked on the design thanks to Adobe Illustrator software and Adobe Photoshop. Finally, I use the software Contruct2 for development in HTML5.

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