10 Instagram accounts that will make travel
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10 Instagram accounts that will make travel

You like to travel ? Do you like beautiful landscapes and beautiful photos? I present to you 10 Instagram accounts to follow.

Although they are numbered, there is no classification. All the accounts I present to you contain very interesting content.

1 – Backpackers Globe

This couple will make you travel to the four corners of the world with superb photos.

2 – So Vietnam Travel

So Vietnam Travel, a travel agency for authentic Vietnam that will make you travel thanks to its landscape photos, but also thanks to portraits, shared moments of life …

3 – Manual Focus

This photographer likes to play with light and shade, he will make you travel to beautiful places.

4 – Creative Travel Couples

What could be better than traveling as a couple … Follow this couple on their travels around the globe.

5 – Voyage a travers nous

Let’s continue our trip with another couple, Alizée and Jordan who offer very beautiful landscapes and lots of love.

6 – Les deux petits baroudeurs

Follow Marion and Cris, travelers of the world.

7 – Benjamin Beech

A British photographer living in Japan shares superb photos of landscapes as well as very beautiful portraits.

8 – Voyages Paradisiaques

An account offering you photos of landscapes and animals around the world.

9 – Benjamin Simier (My Account 🤭)

I offer you my own Instagram account where I regularly post content on France and Asia, and more particularly Thailand.

10 – Aroii

Aroii, or “delicious” in English, offers a culinary trip to Thailand.

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