My 10 favorite WordPress plugins
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My 10 favorite WordPress plugins

Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner user of WordPress, this article can serve you. The plugins I’m going to present are part of my personal selection.

1 – WP User Avatar

WP User Avatar of Flippercode allows you to change the user’s avatar without having to go through the built-in Gravatar service to WordPress.
I use this extension almost for all my projects, I find it useful!

Download WP User Avatar

2 – WP Meta SEO

WP Meta SEO of JoomUnited will allow you to manage the SEO of your website, an important step when putting your project online.

Download WP Meta SEO

3 – Huge IT Google Map

Huge IT Google Map of Huge IT allows you to simply add a Google map to your site. I find this plugin interesting (like most plugins in the editor).

Download Huge IT Google Map

4 – Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps by Atmist is very useful coupled with “Huge IT Google Map”, you will be able to modify the style of your map. This plugin is really very interesting and especially free.

Download Snazzy Maps

5 – OG

OG by Marcin Pietrzak will automatically generate Open Graph metadata for social networks primarily.

Download OG

6 – Hide Admin Bar

Hide Admin Bar of Shelby DeNike hide the admin bar at the top of your site when you’re signed in.

Download Hide Admin Bar

7 – Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi allows you to create and add to your site a personalized contact form. You can also integrate Google Captcha for more security.

Download Contact Form 7

8 – Flamingo

Flamingo from the same author “Contact Form 7” (Takayuki Miyoshi) will retrieve all messages sent from your contact form. If you have a problem with your mailbox, you have a backup of messages in the WordPress administration. Very useful

Download Flamingo

9 – Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee of Pluginkollektiv allows you to protect your site / blog against spam.

Download Antispam Bee

10 – Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) of Elliot Condon is a very interesting tool if you know how to develop your own site. ACF will allow you to add custom fields to WordPress administration.

Download Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

3 thoughts on “My 10 favorite WordPress plugins

  1. Good Article.
    I would like to share one more free security plugin and it is User Blocker. This plugin provides the ability to block or unblock user accounts quickly and effortlessly.

    1. I don’t know this plugin, it seems interesting… Anyway, I’ll test it 😉
      Thank you very much for your response 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Awesome Collection of plugins.
    I have found one plugin which is Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect.
    This WordPress plugin can find a duplicate post, pages, custom posts, etc. and delete that duplicates.

    It has features such as add/delete redirection, automatically redirection, premium support, trash individual post etc.

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