What is JavaScript and why use it? (video) – French
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What is JavaScript and why use it? (video) – French

Over the years, JavaScript has become very popular on the web… But do you really know its history? Do you really know what its use is?

While we had to organize a conference confronting two professionals on the new JavaScript frameworks, COVID-19 and the new sanitary conditions changed our plans and forced us to adapt and change the format of the conference to a short video.
Here is the video (in French language) that I made with Rémy Voillet, Marion Michel and Anthony Nizac as part of our studies where we try to answer the question: What is JavaScript and why use it?

We made the communication on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin), then we posted the video on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 6 p.m. on Facebook.
We got 47 likes and 22 shares.

Good viewing !

Video script: Rémy Voillet & Anthony Nizac
Video presentation: Rémy Voillet
Video editing: Marion Michel
Visuals and communication: Benjamin Simier

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