Sharpen: Full of ideas for your fictitious projects
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Sharpen: Full of ideas for your fictitious projects

Why not create a mobile app for Star Wars, or a 404 page for a luxury restaurant? This is what Sharpen offers, a generator to fill up on fictional ideas to stay creative.
And in this period of confinement linked to COVID-19, we can say that this platform can be very useful for you.

The principle of Sharpen is simple, the “NEW CHALLENGE” button allows you to randomly generate two fields. The first field indicates the type of design to be carried out and the second field specifies your client. You can also select the desired category between “All prompt” if you like the unexpected, “Branding” if you want to achieve something for a brand, “Marketing” if you want to practice marketing, or “Products & UX “if you want to create an application design for example.

For each category, you can add a filter. For example, for the “Products & UX” category, you can filter by digital products, physical products, or choose something more experimental.

Sharpen also offers you the possibility of “locking” one of the two fields so as not to regenerate it when you click on the “NEW CHALLENGE” button again in order to create an “à la carte” idea.

Even if you can use Sharpen without having to create an account and log in, I advise you to do so. Thanks to your account, you will see a new “SAVE” button appear right next to “NEW CHALLENGE”. This will allow you to save your ideas and come back to them when needed.

In addition to being able to create digital things, Sharpen offers you a second service allowing you to generate ideas for inventions, or even drawing and illustrations.


  • Free service
  • Ability to save ideas
  • The ads are discreet
  • Only in English

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