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Tanzanie Adventure Safaris

The client

Tanzanie Adventure Safari is a Tanzanian company managed by Tanzanians.
The company offers multi-day safaris, special excursions in different national parks, treks in the mountains of Tanzania …

The objective

Create an easy-to-use website for the Internet user by including visuals and information on the company, the places, and the activities offered. The main objective is to give visibility and notoriety to the company.

The style

After discussion with the client, we determined a style should be sober and uncluttered in order to give the visitor the essential information without adding anything superfluous.


For coloring, the logo’s orange is the only color on the website. The rest of the site is black and gray.

Interactions & animations

From the home page, visitors can interact with their environment by positioning their cursor on “Watch our video”. The button animates and a preview of the video plays while replacing the image on the right.

After a few seconds spent on the site without scrolling, the visitor will be able to see the animation of a vehicle (4×4 safaris) between the logo and the menu.

Organized & simple

A well-organized website where information is directly visible and accessible to the visitor.

The development

For development, I chose to use the WordPress CMS for its easy-to-use back office. I developed a tailor-made theme following the design previously made on Adobe XD.

The languages used are: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, PHP. I also use Gulp.js

CSS and JavaScript are minified upon registration with Gulp.js



Realization of the web application Tripply, the travel agency for students. The application is simple, a form allows to retrieve the information and saves it in database.


First, I made the models of the site with the software Adobe XD, then I developed the web application.


The models of the site were realized with Adobe XD software. The site is divided into two parts, the left part corresponds to the form, and the left part corresponds to the information on Tripply thanks to a carousel.


For development, I used the HTML for the structure, the SASS coupled with Gulp.js for the style. JavaScript and JQuery for dynamism. And the PHP for the database part.

Tanzanie Safaris

The customer

Simba, a Tanzanian guide wanted to create an identity for his new activity, safaris, by creating a logo.


We exchanged in English to determine the elements and colors to be included in the logo. Simba, the customer already had a clear idea of what he wanted: a tree, a Maasai warrior, and Kilimanjaro. For the colors we chose together a color “hot”.


First, I made a logo containing the desired elements (a tree, a warrior Maasai, and Kilimanjaro) by the client, I presented it to the client. He immediately appreciated.


In agreement with the customer, I colored the logo with “hot” colors to represent Africa.



Rubis is a brand of clothing and sports accessories.

The strength and positioning of Rubis:

  • A Parisian brand that promises high quality products
  • France’s global influence on fashion and haute couture
  • An establishment in the most beautiful (tourist) places of Paris
  • A Parisian exclusivity
  • A fair price

The site has already been considered by the Rubis communication team and a graphic charter is already established. In addition to this is added the constraint of having to be connected to add a comment on the articles. I had to create a login and registration page.

I used the WordPress Divi theme to create my “base”. But the theme was not enough for me, it was necessary for example that I add myself the second menu (the top one) in the code through a child theme.
I then used the HTML for the structure, the CSS for the layout, as well as the JavaScript.


Making a showcase site using the WordPress CMS to promote the brand without there display prices.


I used the Divi Theme (Elegant theme) to use as the base. I created a child theme so I could edit it safely. Then I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to adapt to my needs.

Je Trouve Un Stage

An observation

Today, many students must complete one or more internships during their studies. These internships often validate their years but many of them find it difficult to find a company to welcome them.

An idea

Romane Cariou and myself, at this time students at the University of Western Brittany, had the idea of creating a platform to allow students and businesses to meet in one place.


Our primary goal was to create THE platform for students to quickly and easily find their internships. We wanted to create an ergonomic interface to allow each person to find their way easily at the first visit.


During the creation of this platform, we list the features to integrate such as the sending of email or editing CV directly from the site. We thought about the first version of the site, but we also imagined the features to add to future versions.

We then imagined and created the design of the platform to give it its identity. We developed it and made the communication on social networks.


After drawing our wireframes on paper and white board, we created our models using Adobe XD software.
It is also at this moment that we have chosen the colors to use. Orange, yellow, and blue / green.


For the development of the platform I chose to use PHP and a SQL database for the back-end side. Not using PHP framework was a choice.

As for the front-end side, I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also used the Materialize framework and the jQuery.

Voyages au Népal

The customer

A team of Nepalese guides Francophone, Anglophone and Chinese offering treks, rafting, paragliding, or any other activities for you in creating beautiful routes in the most beautiful regions of Nepal.


Develop a website to promote the activity of Nepalese guides, keeping in mind that this site could be visible in Nepal and therefore light enough for fast loading.

The customer also wants his site to be easy to use for both visitors and administrators.

Adding a testimony module allowing their customers to give their opinions on benefits also ask


In agreement with the client, I chose to use the CMS WordPress for the realization of the project. WordPress being the most used CMS in the world, but especially the easiest to use for future administrators, this choice seemed to be the most interesting.


In discussion with the client, we have, together, determine the elements to be included in the website and the desired design.

We also discussed and worked on the tree structure of the future website.

The design

The customer wanted colors related to the country. The Nepal flag being red and blue, so I had to use them. We also chose to use a touch of orange and a light gray instead of the classic white.

Simple, the site is composed of pages having a title, a subtitle, a presentation image, as well as two columns. One column containing text, and the other (smaller) column containing information about the activity or location in question. A map of the region can also be displayed.


For this project, I used the WordPress CMS and created a custom theme. So I used PHP for the dynamic aspect. Thanks to WordPress, I did not touch the database. On the front end I used HTML to create the structure. For the style I used the SCSS preprocessor. And finally I use JavaScript.

I took the decision to use KNACSS, a CSS framework that I discovered during my internship at Koality (web agency).

The testimonials module

Because I not found a module of testimonials satisfying me, I made the decision of the developed myself. For that I used the custom post-type of WordPress and the extension ACF normally used at the level of the administration.

While doing several researches I discovered that the ACF plugin could be used in front. The principle is simple, when a person publishes a notice, it will be directly registered in the database in “draft”. The administrator can then change the status of the post from “draft” to “published”. It will then be posted on the site.

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