Rubis (Projet)

Added in October 2018
Added in October 2018

Rubis (Projet)

First job of the year at the Web Digital School (see my profile).
The Rubis project was to create a showcase site to promote the brand without displaying the prices. It is a brand of clothing and sports accessories.


The strength and positioning of Rubis:

• A Parisian brand that promises high quality products
• France’s global influence on fashion and haute couture
• An establishment in the most beautiful (tourist) places of Paris
• A Parisian exclusivity
• A fair price

The site has already been considered by the Rubis communication team and a graphic charter is already established. In addition to this is added the constraint of having to be connected to add a comment on the articles. I had to create a login and registration page.

I used the WordPress Divi theme to create my “base”. But the theme was not enough for me, for example I had to add myself the second menu (the top one) in the code through a child theme.
I then used the HTML for the structure, the CSS for the layout, as well as the JavaScript.

Added in October 2018